Presentation Upload

General proceeding during the virtual CIRP General Assembly

Paper Sessions from Monday, 23rd August until Wednesday, 25th August

The authors of the papers to be published in the 2021 CIRP Annals are requested to upload a recorded video presentation of their paper. The video presentations will be available for all participants on an on-demand-platform to watch them in advance and during the virtual conference. The video presentations should take 20 minutes as it was usual during live GAs.

During the paper sessions from Monday, 23rd August until Wednesday, 25th August, a short live presentation with a duration of 5 minutes will be given by the authors. Afterward, questions from the audience and discussions via chat are possible for 10 to 15 minutes.

Keynote Presentations

For authors of keynote papers, it is as well recommended to upload a pre-recorded presentation. Nevertheless, the keynote presentations have to be presented live in the full length of 30 minutes during the virtual GA. The pre-recording of the keynotes is just a back-up for technical problems of connection at the time of the presentation.

Specifying the responsibilities

Please inform us as soon as possible about the person who is responsible for the upload of the presentation and who will give the short presentation during the session. So please send an e-mail until 01st June 2021 to with the following information:

Reference: contact for upload the CIRP presentation – paper ID xxx

Content: full name (first and last name), form of address and academic title, e-mail-address, affiliation, city, country, paper ID

Please inform us immediately in case the presenting person has been changed to ensure that the presenting person is technically granted the right to present during the sessions.

Pre-recording of the video presentations

Preparation of the pre-recording

Please use the given template to prepare your presentation. The presentation’s content has to be approved to be accessed via the conference on-demand-platform and to be shown during the sessions. Please keep in mind that the presentations have to be given in 16:9-format. If your presentation contains videos, please make sure to embed them. Web links to external websites in your presentation are not possible.

We would like to give you the following hints for improving the quality of the pre-recorded video


  • If possible, we recommend a small and quiet room. In order to ensure best sound quality out of your microphone, any ambient noise in the room should be minimized.
  • Please choose the right recording equipment. In many cases, a laptop’s microphone or the microphone on a webcam will be sufficient if you are recording in a small room with little ambient noise. If you have a microphone or headset available, this will significantly optimize the quality of your presentation. For enhanced results, you may consider using a uni-directional microphone to ensure that only the sound from one direction will be picked up.
  • To make sure that you are recording at the right volume levels, it is important that you pay attention to the input volume meter on your recorder. A sound check is strongly recommended prior to the recording.


  • We recommend that you set the given background image in your settings or that you position yourself in front of a neutral background. Please make sure that all other programs and applications on your computer are closed.
  • Choose a room with enough daylight, but make sure you do not have direct sunlight at your back. It is best to position yourself with your face towards the window. Otherwise, light yourself from the front with soft, indirect light, and minimize other lighting in the room, particularly from windows or light sources behind you.
  • Position your laptop/webcam to meet eye level with the camera and sit facing away from it with enough distance to capture your shoulders and your entire face with some room to spare.

Pre-recording the presentation

For recording the presentation, any software programme can be used. Please consider that a file in .mp4-format has to be uploaded after recording.

We recommend using Zoom for recording the presentation (Zoom-tutorial). Please make sure that your internet connection is stable and do not forget to choose the given background image before recording (tutorial).

If you run PowerPoint in version 365, it is as well recommended to use PowerPoint to record the presentation. Laser pointers or other kinds of markers can also be recorded. Please find a short tutorial here. If you want to use the given background image please use Zoom for recording the presentation.

After recording, please watch your video presentation and check if you are satisfied with the result before uploading the recorded presentation. In general, the video presentations have a resolution of 720p or 1080p.

Upload to the on-demand-platform

Please inform us as soon as possible about the person who is responsible for the upload of the presentations. This person will get a link and a code for uploading the pre-recorded presentations. Please note that two different files are to be uploaded:

  • Pre-recorded presentation (20 minutes for paper presentations and 30 minutes in case of Keynote presentations) until the 15th July 2021

These video presentations will be available on the on-demand-platform in advance and during the conference. The video presentations of keynote papers will not be made available on the on-demand-platform.

  • Slides for the live presentations during the sessions (keynote papers or short presentations) are requested until the 13th August 2021

You will share your presentation slides during the session yourself. However, we recommend uploading the slides as a backup in case of technical issues.